All our Scooping and cleaning tools along with our shoes are sanitized after working each yard to prevent the spread of any diseases that may be present in the soil, grass or feces we may come in contact with.

The tools of a poop scooper are few — a big, plastic dustpan lined with garbage bags, a rake to coax the poop into the dustpan, and some easily cleaned boots or shoes.  Every staff member at We Scoop will have with them two sets of tools/footwear.  That way, in between yards, the equipment can be scrubbed, and sprayed or placed into a bath of solution so that the disinfecting solution makes contact and works to destroy any germs or viruses that may be spread through the tools or footwear.

We use several products to ensure the cleanliness of our tools:  Effersan, a product commonly used in shelters and veterinary clinics for sanitizing and disinfecting.  We also may use KennelSol, a solution that is effective against a variety of bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens and was developed especially for animal care facilities.  It’s even used at the Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society to clean their cat cages.