Our Policies

Terms of Service

We Scoop Poo Too is an independently owned and operated business that provides pet-waste removal services to residences in Lowndes County, Mississippi. By accepting the Services you hire us for, you are bound to these Terms:

Dog Waste Removal Service

We Scoop Poo Too offers residential pet waste removal services. These services include One Time Cleaning Service, Weekly Cleaning Service, and Twice-Weekly Cleaning Service.


The staff of We Scoop Poo Too will work through unpleasant weather conditions as long as we can safely do so. The customer understands we cannot work through severe thunderstorms, high winds, extreme high or low temperatures, flooding or the rare accumulation of snow and/or ice.
If a day is missed due to extreme weather, every attempt will be made to scoop your yard on another day that week. If we are unable to visit that week, we will visit as soon as possible the next week and remove all of the accumulated dog waste. A refund will not be issued as we still have to pick up all of the waste that would have been scooped the prior week.


We Scoop Poo Too observes the following holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. No services will be performed on those days. Every effort will be made to scoop your yard each week but if a holiday prevents us from coming on our normal day, we will come the next week to remove all the accumulated waste. There are no refunds for a missed pick up. We still have to do the work and scoop all of the poo from the week prior.


We Scoop Poo Too bills weekly for services performed. If you pause services, you may be charged the initial cleaning fee again when services are resumed.
No refunds will be provided on services that have already been performed.

Accessing your yard

The Customer understands that if We Scoop Poo Too can’t access the area needing cleaning due to locked gates or unfriendly dogs in the yard; the scoop will be skipped and charges will still apply. We Scoop Poo Too suggests having gate lock combinations or lock keys on file with We Scoop Poo Too to avoid our inability to enter your yard. If the client requests that we return to a yard we’ve visited but were unable to access, a $5 driving fee will be added to the customer’s bill.

Dangerous Dogs

If your dog(s) are not friendly with strangers, or are very defensive about their yard, special arrangements must be made so that it(they) will be confined indoors during our visit. Arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis. We Scoop Poo Too loves dogs and we realize that dangerous, protective dogs need their poo removed too – just not at the expense of the safety of our staff.

Overgrown grass, leaves, and debris

Finding all your dog’s waste in a yard that is overgrown is not easy. We ask that you keep your grass cut on a regular basis so that we can do the best job possible at removing all the poo. When fallen leaves are a problem, we may use a leaf blower to reveal your pet’s waste, but will simply be moving the leaves around while we search, not performing leaf removal. Please understand that with a large accumulation of fallen leaves, finding all the dog waste will be more difficult than at other times. We will not move heavy debris in order to reach pet waste that is out of reach because of the presence of the debris. We will do our best, and will leave a note if debris in the yard has been an issue impacting our ability to perform the best service possible.

Privacy Policy

We request permission to use your dog(s) photos in our social media accounts and advertising. We will never reveal your name or any of your personal information in these photos.
Our website may collect general information about the service you are requesting such as the type of property and area needing service, the type and number of pets you have, as well as general information about your pet’s behavior.
We collect information about you in order to provide you with our services. We use personal information about our clients for a variety of purposes related to our business. Your personal information is for We Scoop Poo Too’s use only. We will never sell your information or send it to third parties