Frequently Asked Questions

Although fences make it easier for us to know where your dog has gone, you do not have to have a fence. Just let We Scoop know where the property line ends.

No. But please ensure that We Scoop has either a key to the lock or the lock combination on file so that service is not interrupted due to not being able to enter the yard.

If your dog is aggressive then we ask you to keep it inside for liability purposes. Being bitten by a dog is no fun (speaking from experience). We Scoop can coordinate the best time to come to service your yard when dog is safely confined. If they are not aggressive then We Scoop does not mind at all. We Scoop loves dogs!

We Scoop bills on a WEEKLY basis. You just sign-up for one of our subscriptions, look under our Services for more details and to Subscribe. There is an initial fee that is added to your first payment. Then the regular subscription is billed weekly.

Unfortunately We Scoop cannot provide set times. Weather, and traffic issues make arrival times vary. We Scoop will make sure you know which day we will be there, and can text you when service has been performed, or we can leave a note on your door.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact us